#9: Once our field service software is up and running, that’s when your relationship with VistaVu truly begins. From there, our mission is to help you maximize the return from your investment.

The day your company goes live with SAP business software and VistaVu’s FieldVu solution, your relationship with VistaVu doesn’t end. In many ways, it’s just beginning.

For my final post of this series, I want to highlight how VistaVu’s approach to post-implementation service adds value for our customers.

When you buy software from VistaVu, we provide a fixed bid that includes everything needed to get you up and running. Our customers like the cost certainty and we take pride in being upfront and transparent. Post-implementation, for all our customers, we assign a proactive account manager who works with them on a daily basis to ensure they’re getting the most out of the system and continue the relationship.

I often think of a software product like Excel. You can start using it within minutes, but most people only use 5% of the functionality that’s available. How many Excel users have even heard of Solver, let alone how to use it?

With SAP business software and FieldVu, there’s a lot to discover, and we’re there to help you get stronger on the system. Our Field Marshal program puts a VistaVu expert out in the field, to find new and better ways to use the software on your job sites. It makes your people’s lives easier and the company more profitable.

Some people are reluctant to call their software provider after implementation, for fear of running up a big service tab. VistaVu takes a different approach. We invite customers to pay a low monthly fee that’s all-you-can-eat. We’re not nickel and diming you or charging you by 15-minute increments. We just deliver.

We keep the fee low, for a reason. We’re not trying to make our money on services. We want the customer to get the most out of the software. When they maximize their investment on an original group of users, very often, they buy more licenses and move our software throughout their entire organization. Eventually, the system isn’t just used in accounting, but in human resources, in the field, the plant, the warehouse, everywhere.

For a fixed, low monthly fee, you can pick up the phone and call VistaVu for support. You can also call us to get a new report written, or to integrate a new company you just bought. You can call us to turn on a new module that you’re now ready to take on.

The time we put into helping customers get the most out of the system is an investment we make that also grows our business. The VistaVu way is a little different than some other providers, but it works for our customers and for us.