Reason #1: Field service management software that’s part of a single, seamless cloud solution

When industrial field services companies look at software solutions to run their business, the choices seem endless. If you’re in that position, you can spend a lot of time doing your homework before you buy. Business software is crucial in order to support you and your business needs, you may want to check out and check out their amazing software, remaining organised and having the right software will ensure that your business thrives to it’s highest potential. However, you may be interested in some different software, depending on what the purpose of your business is as everyone’s business is different, browsing different software is vital in order to get the right one for you.

Let me help. Over the past 15 years, VistaVu Solutions has worked with hundreds of North American industrial field services companies. When I meet with company managers and leaders, we spend a good deal of time working out what they need their business software to do for them. Often, they want three things above all.

1. Run better

First and foremost, companies want to manage their projects, their assets and their people’s time more effectively. They want to get inside each project as it’s happening and actively manage it to produce the best result for their customers and for their own bottom line.

We partner with SAP, the world’s leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provider. FieldVu, our field service management software solution, runs on the SAP Business ByDesign platform to give you a better way to run your business. With FieldVu, you get best practices built right into the software, along with the years of knowledge and expertise that VistaVu and SAP bring. So, you’ll get even better at what you do.

2. See more

The benefits of using FieldVu as your ERP go beyond managing projects as they happen. SAP now leverages capabilities like in-memory computing. Instead of the software searching for and retrieving data from multiple locations, all relevant data is held within memory. In-memory computing can thrash its way through terabytes of data in seconds, and get you the analysis you require to make good business decisions. It can hold larger volumes of information and serve a higher number of users at much faster speeds.

Our clients tell us that the analytics they get with FieldVu have allowed them to see more and understand their business better than ever.

3. Go anywhere

Let’s face it. We’re past the time when you can be stuck in the office, glued to your desktop computer. You want to be out there with your staff and customers, on your job sites and talking to sales prospects, too.

FieldVu lets you play outside. It’s a cloud-based ERP solution, so you can access it anytime and anywhere you want. It also talks to other SAP solutions, so you get a complete and seamlessly integrated business suite on demand.

When you choose FieldVu and VistaVu Solutions, you get what you need for today and tomorrow: powerful ERP with best practices embedded, blistering fast in-memory computing, end-to-end integration and the freedom of mobility.

With FieldVu, everything talks to everything. It’s a single, seamless solution that has become the backbone of our clients’ businesses.

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