Reason #6: Our field service software integrates 40 years of best practices developed by SAP with thousands of companies, and VistaVu’s 15 years working with industrial field service companies.

Throughout my years working with industrial field service companies, I’ve admired the precision of jobsite operations. With people’s safety on the line, not to mention costly assets and priceless customer relationships, each company has developed detailed processes for getting complex, difficult work done on time.

These companies’ best practices for field operations didn’t spring up overnight. They’re based on years of observation and learning. Over time, these best practices become more precise and their application becomes more rigorous.

Even so, many companies have told me there’s a point where they get stuck. Despite the excellence of their field work, they find it difficult to grow profitably. These companies might have $200 million in annual revenue, but their profit might be little better than when they did $100 million or $75 million in sales. If higher revenue doesn’t mean greater profits, why do it?

My experience is that companies get over the hump when they apply the same principle to the business that they bring to field service operations: use the best practices available.

40 years of best practices (plus 15)

To go from $200 million in annual revenue to $500 million or $800 million might seem like a huge leap. It’s really not, and this is where VistaVu can help. FieldVu, our field service management software solution, is built on SAP Business One. FieldVu, married with SAP, gives you the precision and rigor you need to scale what you do well and grow profits in line with revenue.

That’s because SAP has worked with many thousands of companies over the past 40 years and these companies’ best practices are baked into the software. FieldVu and SAP reflect the best way to, for example, manage purchasing or procurement, create sales quotes, receive and process payments and much more.

You don’t have to go through the long, difficult journey that made your field operations what they are today. All that knowledge is built into the software. When you run your business with FieldVu and SAP, you’re managing according to the best practices known today.

VistaVu has worked with industrial field service companies across North America for the past 15 years. Everything we’ve learned about best practices lives in FieldVu, too.

We’ve seen this time and time again with our customers. When you manage the business with the same precision and rigor you use on the jobsite, companies grow profitably and sustainably.

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