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Q&A Café: Actual Costing in SAP Business ByDesign ByDesign offers a number of options for costing your manufactured products. Common costing methods are Standard Cost, Moving Average, and, FIFO. However, a less commonly used one is Actual Costing. Actual Costing allows you to update your finished goods using an user-generated job which will retro-adjust your product to a new final cost based on the actual component costs. Please join this session to understand more about how this process works and to discuss the pros and cons of the various costing methods.4/8/202112:00pm MDT1 hour
Q&A Café: Inventory Management with MRP (Material Requirement Planning) in SAP BusinessOne SAP Business One allows you to manage your inventory and maintain your stock levels with its out-of-the-box MRP module. We'll be diving into this module in this webinar.11/8/202112:00pm MDT1 hour
Q&A Café: Reporting Series Part 1 - Broadcast Burst Reporting in SAP Business ByDesign Did you know you can use a feature in ByDesign to automatically email report output to a designated email address? This feature can be very powerful to send routine information to system users, stakeholders, even customers/clients. Broadcast burst can pickup the email address from a datasource directly in your system, with clever report building you can even write a single burst to email multiple persons different data depedant on data ownership. This feature is especially useful if you want to send read-only reports to individuals that may not have the access or skills to run reports themselves inside SAP ByDesign.18/8/202112:00pm MDT1 hour