How does FieldVu Mobile for QuickBooks help controllers?

Meet Chris, the Controller

Chris is the Controller for John’s industrial field service company. She is responsible for managing cash flow, payroll, and accounts receivable and payable and forecasting into the future. Chris manages these responsibilities through a complex system of custom built spreadsheets and QuickBooks® accounting software.


Today Chris is facing a few challenges:

  • Struggles to keep up with the demand and details of the business
  • Multiple places where data is held
  • Inability to analyze the data in any kind of efficient way
  • More complex payroll issues as the company grows
  • Working many roles, wearing many hats

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

Chris is concerned that there are too many jobs to do and not enough time. There are information silos, growing pains and lack of processes in the company and – maybe there will be a big mistake made because no one has access to all the information.
Chris would benefit from FieldVu Mobile for QuickBooks so she can put an end to the disparate systems and integrate into a common solution.

What Chris gains

  • Centralized all-in-one system
  • Able to quickly and easily produce her financial reporting for the month
  • Team doesn’t need to re-key data, it is captured in the field and synced in real time
  • Can access the data anywhere even when working from home

End result: A single place to find and retrieve business data