How does FieldVu Express help owners/operators?

Meet John, the Owner/Operator

John grew up with a strong drive and entrepreneurial spirit. He worked for many years on pipeline construction and after he married, he and his wife decided to open an industrial field service business on their own. They wrote a strong business plan and were approved for a loan from their local bank. They started with two trucks, which quickly grew to 5, then 10, within their first five years of business.


Today John is facing a few challenges:

  • Struggles to keep up with the demand and details of the business
  • Has cash flow issues but doesn’t know why
  • Has questions about the business but finds it’s difficult to get information
  • Is making decisions with limited information
  • Is constantly asking finance how to reduce costs

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

John’s top worry is going to an all-in-one system is that it is too expensive and too big for his small but growing company. Isn’t an all-in-one system for the big players?

FieldVu Express has been designed for small to medium-sized businesses to streamline business functions into one system.

What John gains

  • Centralized All in One System – tied into QuickBooks if required or a standalone system as desired
  • Insight into all the data points in the business – with the ability to drill down and see how much profit an individual piece of equipment is bringing in or how busy the field service team is
  • Streamlined processes so that everyone does their part to keep the operations running

End result: Growth without adding overhead