How does FieldVu Express with Mobile help operations managers?

Meet Dirk, the Operations Manager

Dirk is the Operations Manager and is responsible for the daily operations of the industrial field service company. He directly reports to John and is considered the authority in the office in John’s absence. Tasked with strategic planning for growth along with John, Dirk works to build a bigger, better business.


Today Dirk is facing a few challenges:

  • Knowing what needs to be done, when and where
  • Measuring KPIs for his team
  • Doesn’t know if they are making money or losing money on a job
  • Can’t make changes in the field
  • Making sure work is getting done safely and efficiently

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

Dirk is losing track of his employees and his equipment because of too many disparate systems. He is frustrated because he knows with the right information his team could make changes quickly from the field and stop wasted trips or machinery movement.
FieldVu Express with Mobile is the bridge between the field and the office providing one single point system for all users.

What Dirk gains

  • A system that lets him see where his costs are at all times
  • Ability to manage people, jobs and equipment in one central system
  • Immediate data capture from the field
  • A focus on safety and HSE certifications

End result: An integrated operations management tool to see everything at a glance