How does FieldVu Express help sales managers?

Meet Guy, the Sales Manager

Guy is the sales manager for John’s industrial field service business. Guy easily builds new relationships in the industry and is a successful salesman bringing order after order. He needs to connect into the business and make sure operations can complete the sales that he brings in the door.


Today Guy is facing a few challenges:

  • Ensuring he delivers accurate quotes to prospects
  • Managing orders and keeping promises
  • Accurately estimating job costs
  • Tracking purchase orders

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

Guy’s top worry is that he’ll misquote a job or over promise on a timeline that the team can’t deliver – disappointing a customer or worse losing the sale. FieldVu Express is the ideal solution for Guy. He can use it for as a CRM, for quoting, job costing, and purchase orders.

What Guy gains

  • An easy to use CRM tool with quoting capabilities
  • Knowledge of job and unit costing to help with the projects as they move forward
  • Quickly see what people and equipment are available and when

End result: Centralized all-in-one system that ties sales reporting to accounting and business functionality