1. Aerospace & Defense (Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing)
  2. Industrial Field Services & Rentals (Oilfield, Mining, Utilities, Chemical Facilities and Heavy Construction)
  3. Industrial Machinery & Components (Pumps, Valves, Compressors, Tanks and more)
  4. Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Device Manufacturers)
  5. Other Industries (Food & Beverage Distribution, Hi-Tech Manufacturing and more)



VistaVu Solutions has successfully provided solutions into private equity funded, publicly traded or high growth privately held companies.   SAP ByDesign and SAP S/4 Hana are the two primary products we offer for this market.

We have our own products that integrate with SAP.  If you are in Field Services, we have the FieldVu Suite of products.  If you are in Life Sciences we have an add on that ensures compliance.  Check out the products below to learn more.  If you have any questions please reach out – we would love to help you!

Innovative business management solutions

for high growth companies over $50M or over 300 employees

Our systems can’t talk to each other

It’s tough to run at full speed when systems don’t integrate. Duplication of effort, rekeying errors and reports that don’t match will create problems in any business, but when you are a fast paced industrial field service company, the issues are compounded. This doesn’t have to be your reality. There are options. Learn more. Click to read the Hines Industrial Site Services Group success story.

Invoicing takes too long

You may have encountered a few of these issues:

  • Field tickets are handwritten, they get lost, forgotten or are just slow to come into the office
  • Invoicing requires looking at a couple of different systems to make sure nothing has been left out or forgotten
  • Issuing an invoice requires too many people and too many hours

And all the while, cash flow is being compromised. Learn more. Click to read the Mikisew success story.

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Can’t scale quickly

You may have noticed that there are always bottlenecks that restrict growth when you are looking to grow a company organically or through acquisition. Homegrown systems create can also create confusion and frustration, with poor visibility into financial data Don’t let your software slow you down. Learn more. Click to read our recent customer success stories.

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