Field Service worker in field with tablet

Selecting a mobile field service software solution is a decision that will impact the finances and operations of your company for many years. For field service companies, this is the most important software purchase they will make after the selection of their accounting system, it also important them to have good dispatching software so they are able to keep on top their workload. So, you need to have a clear understanding of your company’s requirements and the problems you need to solve.

Most field service companies have three common problem areas:

          1. Lack of accurate and timely invoicing
  1. Inefficient crew dispatching and management
  2. Poor operational efficiencies and high operating costs

Solving these problems should be your main objective when choosing a mobile field service solution.

Accurate and timely invoicing

…is critical for all field service companies. Mobile field service software is the single most effective tool to rapidly put accurate invoices in the hands of your customers. You will want your mobile field software to:

  • Create field tickets or invoices at the point of service, and at the time that the service is completed.
  • Ensure field tickets and invoices show all billable and non-billable services and products, including labor, equipment and materials.
  • Offer pre-populated electronic field tickets to reduce keying and errors.
  • Include ability to capture electronic customer signatures.
  • Automatically deliver the field tickets and invoices directly to your accounting system and to your customers.

Efficient crew dispatching and management

…is another critical component for field service companies. Field work is unpredictable and crews need to be able to quickly adjust to this always changing environment. You will want your mobile field software to:

  • Have easy to use dashboards for assigning crews and equipment to a job. Dashboards should also be available for crews, dispatchers, and managers so that everyone is working with the same information.
  • Have crew schedules available on mobile devices (phones, tablets and laptops).
  • Include real-time routing and map information sent directly to crew mobile devices.
  • Enable crews to create ‘on the fly’ jobs and make adjustments to scheduled jobs.
  • Have offline device capability to create tickets when crews are in remote locations with no wifi.

Poor operational efficiency and high operating costs

…are often indicators of a growing company that is using older systems or no system. Operational processes have not scaled with the company’s growth. You will want your mobile field software to:

  • Connect to your accounting system to reduce duplicate entries and the need to rekey data.
  • Track material for real time inventory control.
  • Have automated processes to ensure standard procedures are followed every time.
  • ‘Get it done right the first time’ by ensuring your crews are prepared with the required equipment, materials and knowledge when they get to the job location.
  • Include real-time dispatch routing to reduce travel time and costs.
  • Produce operational reports that pinpoint areas of inefficiency and potential improvement.

The right mobile field software solution will address these common problem areas and quickly deliver tangible benefits including:

  • Reduced DSO
  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improved service for your customers

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