Field Service Management Software is a system to organize and manage your company’s field service operations. Field Management Software (FMS) enables your crews to be successful at their jobs to the benefit of your customers and your business.

A Field Service Management system will coordinate key aspects of your field operations, including:

  • Scheduling Jobs
  • Dispatching Mobile Crews
  • Managing Crew on Location
  • Capturing Field Data
  • Billing your Customers
  • Reporting on Field Operations

Here are the key aspects of a Field Service Management system and the benefits to your business:

Scheduling Jobs

Each field service job has certain attributes that must be considered when creating a dispatch schedule:

  • Location of the work
  • Crew and equipment requirements
  • Required parts
  • Job priority or deadline

Field Service Management software considers these requirements and allows the dispatcher to quickly create a schedule that best matches the available crews with the work to be performed. The key to a profitable and successful field service operation is to effectively and efficiently dispatch your crews so they can be successful.

Dispatching Mobile Crews

In our mobile age, the only way to manage your mobile workforce is with a Field Service Management system that utilizes the common mobile devices your workforce already has.

Crews need to know their schedules and job details before they head out for the day. An FSM will electronically send the crews the needed information directly to their devices. This information is critical for the successful completion of their jobs. Details may include:

  • Best route to job location
  • Job instructions and work details
  • Drawings, schematics and Standard Operating Procedures for the work to be performed
  • Anticipated parts and tools for the job

Managing Crew on Location

Field work is dynamic and jobs, requirements and priorities constantly change. Rarely does a day play out the way it was expected to. This is a simple reality of field work and an FSM must be able to manage the jobs during the course of the day, including:

  • Tracking and updating job status
  • Reassigning job priorities
  • Scheduling new jobs and cancel scheduled jobs
  • Tracking crew locations

Capturing Field Data

Field service work always requires a ticket or work order that is used for billing and tracking costs. An FSM must make capturing field data easy, reliable and accurate. The best way to capture data is with an electronic ticket or work order, using a common mobile device such as a tablet or a laptop. This helps:

  • Eliminate paper in the field and then rekeying in the back office
  • Increase ticket accuracy and reduce errors
  • Send data back to the office instantly
  • Log actual labour and equipment hours
  • Manage your inventory by recording actual parts usage
  • Get electronic signatures for proof of service

Billing Your Customers

An FSM will either create an invoice in the field or provide your back office with all the information needed to create an invoice later. You may not be able to control when your customer will pay you, but you can control the amount of time it takes to create an invoice. You will:

  • Reduce the amount of time between providing a service and getting an invoice out the door
  • Increase the accuracy of your invoices and reduce the number of disputed invoices
  • Provide your customer with a professional, accurate ticket while on the job
  • Send your invoices and get approval by email

Reporting on Field Operations

With an FSM, you will be able to get accurate and meaningful reports about your field operations. You will be able to make managerial decisions based on real data, not on intuition or conflicting data from disparate systems. This will enable:

  • Real time data collection and reporting
  • Accurate job costing, including labor, equipment and material costs
  • Easy to use dashboards for both operations and management

In summary, in an increasingly competitive world, your business needs all-in-one Field Service Management software to be more efficient and more profitable. This will enable your crews to get the job done right the first time and your customers and business and will benefit tremendously. You will enjoy reduced costs, improved field efficiencies and an improved bottom line.

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Written by Staff

Posted on October 21, 2020