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Do you find yourself asking:

What am I missing that I need to action?

Do we have the full picture?

How can we get more out of our data?

Where does your organization sit on the digital analytics maturity curve?


There are many products out there on the marketplace that help you collect data and report on your results, but do you have the power to really understand this data, so it becomes meaningful to you and your organization?

SAP has been investing heavily into a cloud-based analytics tool that helps you do just this.  SAP Analytics Cloud delivers all the analytics capabilities you need such as Business Intelligence, Planning, and Predictive Analytics in a single solution. Harness the latest SAP Analytics technologies and give everyone in your organization the ability to discover actionable insights in real time.

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What features come out of the box?

  • Powerful, integrated analytics-as-a-service
  • Role-based BI and data visualization
  • Collaborative enterprise planning
  • Advanced predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Get deeper insights with less effort
  • Obtain augmented analytics
  • Respond to natural language queries
  • Automatically analyze data
  • Run simulations
  • Perform “what-if” analysis
  • Predict future events
  • Time Series Forecasting


Why use SAP Analytics Cloud if you already have SAP Business ByDesign built-in analytics?

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SAP has quite a few customers running both ByDesign and Analytics Cloud together. ByDesign is good for day-to-day operations analytics but Analytics Cloud is better at data analytics and summary reports.

  1. Historical Reporting: Historical data can be loaded into Analytics Cloud beside ByDesign data to create a centralized reporting tool that can be used to build reports using historical and current data.
  2. Complex Reporting and Smart Insights: Reporting is getting more complicated. SMB customers are now more than ever needing more complex reporting and analysis tools to see the bigger picture. Analytics Cloud’s “Smart Insight” capabilities help customers see and make sense of big data reports and more. It augments the top-level reports which requires merging multiple data sources from various areas in the system.  These reports can be difficult to build and often require custom solutions.
  3. Planning and Budgeting: SMB planners need great flexibility in reporting. They need the ability to plan and have roll up of plan models for setting budgets. Analytics around budgets in Analytics Cloud allows you to perform “what-if” analysis and more on your data.
  4. Better Reporting: There has been a huge push over recent years to improve ByDesign reporting and bring in analytics capabilities, but some customers still feel the reports are not flexible enough and it is hard to see reports side by side to compare data. Having stories and dashboards where you can build out reports and build tabs for specific scenarios into a story or dashboard, is a huge benefit to many customers.
  5. Centralize reporting: There are lot of cases where ByDesign systems are used as the core product for financials but have multiple integrations to other systems. Many customers running ByDesign also run Concur or Salesforce. They utilize reporting separately from these systems, as there is no convenient way to link this data or consolidate it inside ByDesign. Analytics Cloud can connect to these systems, pull data in, and provide reports that join the data. You can create dashboard and stories that display data from all these systems in one convenient location.

What data can you bring into SAP Analytics Cloud? 

The data from a wide variety of SAP and non-SAP data sources can be brought into the tool for analysis. Analytics Cloud comes with pre-built connectors to most SAP products as well as connectors to technologies such as OData, Excel, and SQL databases.

Does SAP Analytics Cloud support connectivity to MS Office?

For those of you using MS Office, you will love the SAP Analysis for MS Office add-in that connects to your Analytics Cloud platform allowing you to use MS Office workflows with a user experience based on SAP Analytics Cloud data. This allows you to work offline on a local snapshot of data as well as use tools that provide you with the ability to login to Analytics Cloud, browse for models, and discover data. The new release of SAP Analysis for MS Office now supports SAP Analytics Cloud Planning for both read and update.

What are the Newest Key Features in Version 2019.10?

  • Planning: Multiple date dimensions in planning models
  • Analytics Designer: Debug mode
  • Analytics Designer: Change cell values in your tables at runtime
  • Smart Assist: Search to Insight brand-new user experience
  • Data Visualization: Prevent Viewers from Removing Non-Modifiable Story Filters
  • Data Visualization: On-demand Loading of Inactive Values on Story and Page Filters
  • New and Improved SAP Analytics Cloud Modeler

Ask us more today about how we can help you on your digital journey that will enable you and your organization to RUN GREAT. Contact us about the virtually endless possibilities SAP Analytics Cloud could improve your business.

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